Induction versus ceramic cooktop. Differences

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Many people wonder whether an induction hob or a ceramic one is better? Let’s check!

When choosing an electric cooktop, you can choose between an induction cooktop and a ceramic cooktop. Visually they are very similar, but in reality they differ significantly. Therefore, it is worth rethinking this purchase, because first – it is for years, and secondly, the hob will undoubtedly be one of the more frequently used appliances in the kitchen.

How does an induction differ from a ceramic hob?

Both hobs have a smooth surface, without burners, which we can find in traditional free-standing gas and electric stoves. The difference here is found in the way the two appliances work.

How does a ceramic hob work?

In a ceramic hob there are spiral-shaped heaters. They determine the field that heats up. When you turn on the hob, such “burners” generate heat, which is then transferred to the cooking utensils. Interestingly, in the case of ceramic models, we do not need to replace the pots. Here, the ones we used on traditional equipment will work successfully.

How does induction work?

Here the whole technology is based on an electromagnetic field. Thus, magnetic waves are used for heating. Under the induction hob there are coils, which are responsible for generating energy and transferring it to the cookware. In this case, however, you need special pots or pans for the induction hob, which have a bottom made of ferromagnetic steel, which, like a magnet, will attract the emitted heat. As a result, the burner heats up only when the pot for cooking or frying stands on it. After removing it, it gets cool after a while.

Power consumption – higher in induction or ceramic hob?

Another major difference between induction and ceramic hobs is power consumption. And here there is no doubt that the former uses much less energy. Induction heats up quickly and cools down a while after you finish using it. Ceramic cooktops consume more energy, although there are more and more appliances on the market today that are more energy efficient. 

Induction is safer

Induction is a good option especially if there are small children in the house. Unless there are special dishes standing on it, even turning the knobs and turning it on will not make it get hot. So there is no fear that toddlers will turn it on, which is already possible with a ceramic hob. 


Induction and ceramic hob also differ in price. The former is definitely a more expensive solution, plus you need to invest in special pans and pots designed for cooking just on it. However, their advantage is that they break less often and are easier to clean.

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