Expiration date of wine. Find out how to read it!

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data ważności wina

It is said that men are like wine – the older they get, the better they get. We also often wonder if wine has some sort of predetermined expiration date that we have to adhere to and if we can have health problems after drinking it

Find out how to read a wine’s expiration date!

It’s hard to find on a bottle of wine the formulas we’re used to when buying other foods, like “Use by…” and “Must be consumed by…”. However on the label on the back of the bottle we should have information about the ageing potential of the wine, which tells us after how long it will reach its peak of flavour and aroma and when it will slowly start to lose its most characteristic features. Of course, this date does not mean that the wine will not be fit for consumption. It is only a suggestion by the producer. After all, it is known that if a wine is kept in appropriate, optimal conditions it can be aged for many years, which will positively influence the evolution of both its aroma and flavor.

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