Wooden elements – wall decoration

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drewniane dodatki

Wood in interior design is always associated with warmth and timeless aesthetics. Accessories or elements that provide a unique atmosphere of the interior are quite often made of this natural material. How to decorate walls with them so that they look great and give them character?

Wooden wall decor

Nowadays there are many ways to bring a wooden touch to even the most austere interiors. If you don’t want to intrude on the decor, you can always opt for wooden accessories like shelves, flower holders, clocks, photo frames, poster frames or even mirror frames. Collage frames made of wooden elements are also an effective addition

If you want to give the interior a Scandinavian chic, you can cover one of the walls with wooden planks, painted white. Moreover, all rustic interiors just love wood and its pleasant texture and color, so if you’re thinking about it, don’t hesitate! Recently, we’ve also seen a recurring trend, which is wainscoting. Admittedly, it no longer resembles the one we know so well from the 90s, as now the glossy lacquer has been replaced by muted shades, white, black and grey.

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