Herringbone parquet. The most fashionable floor finish
Herringbone parquet. The most fashionable floor finish

The glory days of herringbone parquet flooring are back! Although, in fact, they probably never passed, because it’s hard to find a time when it was out of fashion. If you appreciate the classics, be sure to bet on herringbone parquet flooring.

Kitchen appliances and accessories necessary <strong>in a restaurant</strong>
Kitchen appliances and accessories necessary in a restaurant

Food service equipment is the backbone of any restaurant operation. But which equipment to choose? We suggest which equipment will work best in your premises.

<strong>Elegant Gift</strong>Ideas
Elegant GiftIdeas

Mutual gift-giving with your loved ones is undoubtedly very nice. So we give you some suggestions on how you can choose gifts for the upcoming holidays or other occasions to make sure they are elegant and timeless.

<strong>Hamptons style</strong> bedroom – style rules
Hamptons style bedroom – style rules

Looking for an elegant and timeless bedroom decor? Learn more about hamptons and get inspired by seaside resort style bedroom decor.

<strong>American style</strong> home design. Advantages of the style
American style home design. Advantages of the style

Do you like the light and cozy look of the American single-family home? See what else characterizes this style and what advantages it has.

<strong>Shelf Stairs.</strong> Design and functionality
Shelf Stairs. Design and functionality

Functional, unconventional and attractive to the eye, that is the shelf stairs. See what you should know about them!

Can <strong>a studio apartment</strong> be glamorous?
Can a studio apartment be glamorous?

Do you have a studio apartment and want to give it a unique character? Check out how to arrange a glamorous space.

Balustrade to the ceiling. An idea for<strong> an original bal </strong>ustrade
Balustrade to the ceiling. An idea for an original bal ustrade

Wondering about the type of railing for your home? Explore some inspiration to help you make your choice.

Chocolate products – ideas for elegant gifts
Chocolate products – ideas for elegant gifts

Chocolate is associated with something delicious and pleasant. That is why it is a perfect and elegant addition to a gift. Check out how you can surprise a loved one in a sweet way.

What <strong>lamps</strong> fit into <em>de luxe</em> interiors?
What lamps fit into de luxe interiors?

How to illuminate the exclusive bedroom, and what chandelier to choose for the living room in glamour style? We suggest.

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