<strong>American style</strong> home design. Advantages of the style

American style home design. Advantages of the style

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American single-family homes are primarily characterized by coziness and comfort. Read this article to know more advantages of American style construction.

American style house is associated with comfort, spacious functional interior, charming veranda, lightweight overall design and pleasant aesthetics. What else is characterized by this style of construction?

American style house – characteristic features

Construction of the house in the American style rather does not resemble a regular block – often seen in our country. Single-family buildings are designed there as extensive single-storey areas with a complex roof structure. The whole usually includes a subtly incorporated garage.

Building in this style is usually erected using prefabricated components, thus significantly reducing the cost of investment, as well as speeding up the project

For finishing the facade, we usually use facade panels with light colors, usually kept in tones of beige, white or gray. The elevation in such a project can also be finished with wood and decorative elements of masonry, for example at the front partition or chimney.

The pleasant aesthetics of the building is influenced by the presence of a spacious veranda with a wooden balustrade, which is usually decorated with flowers. The ornament of the house in the American style are also carefully finished cornices, chimneys and bays, which extend beyond the elevation area

Another element that gives the whole structure a special aesthetic value are characteristic window openings with perimeter mouldings that provide their neat finish. Often we can also meet with spectacular shutters, which add unusual charm to residential buildings.

Interior in the American style

A single-family house maintained in the American climate is, above all, comfortable and functional. Such an interior is characterized by high comfort of use – the whole is designed so that every fragment of space meets this condition. Bedrooms in an American house are usually adjacent to bathrooms and have an additional space defined as a dressing room

The so-called living zone in such a house is clearly separated from the rest of the rooms and has the form of a spacious living room connected with the dining room and kitchen. This arrangement allows you to prepare meals without losing contact with other household members or guests

In addition to the main entrance, the American house also features additional doors that will give you direct access to the garden or terrace. The combination of the dwelling and the garage provides freedom of use, especially during adverse weather conditions.

Advantages of the American style in single-family housing

The already mentioned aesthetic qualities are important in this type of construction – the American house already from the outside is characterized by coziness and radiates warmth. In such a building we can feel “at home” very quickly.

In addition to appealing aesthetics, the house maintained in the American climate is primarily comfortable – the convenience of use of the interior affects the overall satisfaction felt every day. A thoughtfully designed functional space in an American home can provide this effect.

Main photo: Ian MacDonald/unsplash.com

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