SEO Audit. Checklist for lifestyle websites – what you can’t miss?

SEO Audit. Checklist for lifestyle websites – what you can’t miss?

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Newcastle, one of the most developing cities in Great Britain, uses local practices to develop its business. Lifestyle are growing in popularity and importance as people look to them for solutions to their lifestyle problems. But running a lifestyle website isn’t easy – you need to pay attention to details like social media presence, email subscribers, mobile optimization, monetization through sponsorships and affiliate programs… the list goes on and on! To make sure your site is ready to take on all of that traffic, it’s important to perform regular SEO audits of your website using this checklist. Check out the SEO services Newcastle today.

What is an SEO audit and why do you need one?

An SEO audit is a comprehensive analysis of your website’s SEO performance. It can help you identify opportunities and areas for improvement, so you can make your site more visible and attractive to search engines. An audit can also be helpful if you’re considering launching an ecommerce site, as it can give you insights into how your site stacks up against the competition.

When to conduct the audit?

  • When you are setting up a new website;
  • when you are planning to make major technical changes to the website;
  • when you want to optimize your website in terms of UX and UX;
  • after Google updates;
  • after changing the marketing strategy;
  • after taking over the website from another owner;
  • when you want to eliminate Google penalties.

UX audit 

User experience is a technique focused on maximizing positive user experiences on the website. This type of audit is a set of research, tests, analyzes and other activities that allow you to detect any errors on the website that have an impact on the conversion. To put it simply, it is about assessing the usefulness and attractiveness of the website. When writing about lifestyle, fashion and art, we care about high-quality websites. When setting trends, you should first follow them yourself, so check out:

  • readability,
  • navigation,
  • the quality of the information provided,
  • utility,
  • visual attractiveness,
  • layout (content, headings, titles, subtitles).

Free audit – is it reliable?

There are many ecommerce website builders that offer a free SEO audit, but is it reliable? The answer is yes and no. A free audit can give you a general idea of where your website stands in terms of SEO, but it won’t be as comprehensive as a paid audit. Nobody will check your website better than a specialist who has tools that are unavailable to other people on a daily basis.

Audit items you need to evaluate

Technical on-site SEO

  1. friendly url,
  2. https protocol and SSL certificate,
  3. sitemap.xml,
  4. robots.txt file,
  5. internal linking,
  6. keywords (keyword cannibalization),
  7. content (duplicate content),
  8. multimedia (images, videos, etc.),
  9. redirects,
  10. indexing,
  11. responsiveness (mobility),
  12. page loading speed.

Off-site SEO popularity rating

  1. link building,
  2. promotion in social media,
  3. blogosphere.


If you want to make sure your lifestyle website is optimized for search engines, use this checklist. First, take a look at your website’s design and layout. Is it easy to navigate and understand? Does it include keyword-rich titles and descriptions? Next, check your site’s code. Is it clean and well-organized? Finally, examine your site’s content. Is it original and informative? It has to be.

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