Balustrade to the ceiling. An idea for<strong> an original bal </strong>ustrade

Balustrade to the ceiling. An idea for an original bal ustrade

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Balustrade is an element of staircase construction, which, in addition to practical considerations, also plays an important aesthetic role. See how you can improve the look of your home with it.

Handrail at the stairs provides safety of movement within the floors, and also prevents sometimes dangerous falls. Its main purpose is related to practical reasons. However, apart from that everyone cares about its good appearance and attractiveness of the interior. Currently, the most popular type of balustrades are those reaching from the stairs to the ceiling. When choosing them, an important issue is matching the railing to the decor of the rest of the apartment. Ideally, it should be consistent with the prevailing style of the interior. For this reason, some people decide on very simple designs, while others choose something more decorative or even extravagant. The main thing is to be guided by a coherent concept, so we encourage you to be inspired by several original proposals balustrades.

Balustrade to the ceiling – what to bet on?


If we talk about interesting, original solutions for the balustrade reaching from the steps up to the ceiling, one of the noteworthy materials is currently the metal in the form of symmetrical or slightly more fanciful lines. You can go in the direction of parallel to each other vertical bars or create other arrangements, for example, geometrically, but irregularly intersecting straight lines. Metal here offers many possibilities for creative use. Balustrades in this style are extremely versatile and have the ability to blend into the space, which makes them produce a very unforced effect. They fit especially into minimalist, modern or loft style interiors.


Another extremely inspiring and modern, yet very simple way to make a stylish balustrade is offered by glass. This kind of balustrades, although transparent, that is, in a sense invisible, have very many advantages. They add lightness and simplicity to the interior and – which is especially desirable in case of small rooms – optically enlarge the space. It is worth paying attention to the fact that glass is characterized by durability and strength. Projects with this material in the main role occur in several options to choose from. The distinction lies primarily in the presence or absence of posts dividing individual glass panels. For a less subdued and neutral result, you can opt to choose glass with a decorative pattern or graphic.


Plastic also offers a huge range of possibilities when it comes to balustrade design. It may seem like an unusual idea at first, but its use by a large number of people confirms how well it works. Plastic will find itself in the company of other materials, such as wood, but you can also successfully use them alone, without other additives. It allows you to create handrails in a variety of shapes – from geometric to floral and more. This material can also appear in the form of delicate, openwork walls, which beautifully complement many types of interiors and add a unique character to them.

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