<strong>Shelf Stairs.</strong> Design and functionality

Shelf Stairs. Design and functionality

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Whether you live in a one-story building or use a mezzanine floor, by far the most convenient solution for movement will be stairs. The development of technology in residential building caused that the popularity of “levitating stairs” functioning in the industry under the name of shelf stairs.

What are the shelf stairs?

Shelf stairs are synonymous with prestige and utility design. Their construction is absolutely minimalistic and extremely simple – the impression of floating in the air is due to the system of attachment to the wall. When the target place of assembly is a reinforced concrete wall – which additionally reinforces the stability of the structure – the contractors use point assembly, that is, anchoring single steel elements, one for each step. If the wall is made of hollow blocks, a steel beam is installed along the planned length of stairs, to which elements holding the steps are welded. It is worth remembering that the shelf stairs can be installed only when the wall is thicker than 24 centimeters.

Characteristics of shelf stairs

The purpose of the shelf stairs is to be durable and functional. Most manufacturers recommend that the length of the stairs does not exceed 120 centimeters, width 25 centimeters, height 20 centimeters, and thickness 12 centimeters, so that the supports should successfully hold a weight of 300-400 kg. The most popular form of finishing of such stairs is the imitation of wooden shelves, which on the order of the manufacturer or the individual customer will be made by a carpenter. The resulting “holster” is placed on the metal structure, so that we get the effect of levitating steps. The most popular wood material in this case is ash. There are also orders that opt for finishing shelf stairs with glass, which makes them seem much more modern and austere at the same time. In such case, several sheets of glass are connected together, properly sanded, painted, and assembled in the same way as wooden stairs. It is much more extravagant solution, requires great precision and additional financial outlays, but the final effect is very impressive.

Cost of production and assembly

Decision about installation of shelf stairs is connected with adequate financial background. Taking into account the offers of manufacturers posted on the web, you have to reckon with the cost of 4000 PLN for the construction of 10 steps. Another expensive element will be masking, which depending on the chosen material can be from 7500 zł (for wood) or 10000 zł (for glass). Cost estimate of the investment should also include the price of the assembly, which starts from 3000 PLN. The average cost of making the shelf stairs oscillates around 15000 PLN.

Functionality of the shelf stairs

Stairs are supposed to be functional, stable and safe. In case of the shelf stairs the second of the mentioned features seems to be doubtful, especially when small children will use them. The solution in this case may be a tasteful balustrade made of tempered glass and led lighting. Supporters of hanging stairs appreciate their durability, design, impression on guests and modern character, which effectively compensates for the high price.

Main Photo: Ricardo Gomez Angel/unsplash.com

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