Truths and myths about Scotch whisky

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prawdy i mity o whisky

Whisky is an increasingly popular alcohol in Poland. Every year we buy more and more of it and opt for more expensive specimens, but what do we know about this drink associated with luxury and distinction?

All whisky tastes the same

This is the first myth to be debunked. The world of flavours of this drink is extremely rich. We can distinguish 12 basic flavours of whisky, including honey, floral, wine, spices and fruit. It is influenced by many factors, from the country of origin, to the place and manner of ageing. The gourmand is able to sense the difference between genres and brands on first contact.

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It’s a drink for mature men

Another myth. Nowadays whisky is increasingly ordered and bought by women. Moreover, with a wide range of flavors available (e.g. apple, honey, cinnamon), everyone will find something to enjoy, such as taste or aroma.

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If whisky is only on ice

Scotch can be drunk in many ways. There are people who prefer to drink pure alcohol without any additives. For others, a bit of water allows to discover more layers of flavor. Still others drink it only with cola and lots of ice. Any way is good as long as it gives pleasure to the drinker.

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