PrestaShop Positioning – alone or with an agency?

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Do you run an online store on the PrestaShop platform and want to improve your position in search results? One good solution is to invest in Atlanta SEO, which will not only help you get to the first page of Google rankings, but also increase sales, build brand awareness, and reduce rejection rate.

You can do it yourself or with the help of an agency, but we recommend the second solution. Why? Read our article!

Positioning and SEO – what should you know about them?

Positioning is the foundation of the e-commerce industry. With its help you can increase traffic from organic search results, and thus increase sales and profits in your online store. It is an action that aims to adjust the website to the requirements of a search engine, take care of user experience and make the website safe, valuable and technically efficient. To achieve success in positioning, Search Engine Optimization activities are also necessary. What is SEO? In short, it is optimization of an online store by editing and improving source code or removing technical errors. There is only one goal – the website has to match the algorithms, because only then it can rank high. Have you ever heard about the San Antonio SEO expert team? Or SEO services Denver? They are absolutely the best when it comes to positioning. Around the World we just repeat and try to improve their strategies, but what is indeed important is that if You’d like to know the techniques of pioneers. You should definitely be interested in San Antonio SEO expert, not less than SEO services Denver

What is the positioning of PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is one of many platforms available on the market dedicated to e-commerce. More and more often it is used by online store owners who are attracted by, among others, easy configuration and parameterization, compatibility with payment systems of all banks and seamless promotion of products in social media. It is also an excellent choice for entrepreneurs who want to optimize their website effectively.

In order to achieve the best results of PrestaShop positioning, it is best to use the latest version and basic tools that will be useful in on-page SEO activities – Google Adwords KeyPlanner or Ahrefs. It is also necessary to take care of the store’s homepage by adding keywords and refining pages and descriptions of categories and products. What the Atlanta SEO agency points out – Mobile-friendliness and performance of the site are also important, as well as optimizing the URL parameters and taking care of security by obtaining an SSL certificate.

Positioning PrestaShop? Definitely with SEO services from Denver

Positioning of PrestaShop, as with online stores on other platforms, is best done with the help of a masterclass team straight from Denver. Why? SEO services Denver are as simple as powerful for Your business – achieving high positions in search results, especially in a competitive industry, is very difficult and requires experience and knowledge of the requirements that the site must meet. Independent positioning may also bring more harm than good and cause not only lower search engine positions, but also the complete removal of the site from the Google index. Of course services of Atlanta SEO, or San Antonio SEO expert team, would be undoubtedly a good decision too, but it’s just our recommendation, the decision is yours.   

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    I totally agree with you. From my own experience, I can say that using the services of an SEO agency significantly simplifies the positioning process. I used the services of an SEO agency from Poznań: They made a complex analysis of my website and plan a detailed action strategy. SEO company helped me achieve a high position in search results.

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