Flowers in a box. How to take care of them?

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kwiaty w pudełku

Flower boxes are recently a frequent gift that we give on various occasions. This way of giving flowers looks extremely elegant and is an interesting alternative for traditional bouquets. What to do to make flowers look good for a long time?

How to take care of flowers in a flower box?

Taking care of flowers in a flower box is not a difficult and time-consuming activity, it also does not require great commitment. The composition of flowers in a box is usually created on the basis of soaked florist sponge. After some time, the water will certainly evaporate, so if you want to prolong the life of the flowers, you should systematically water them by soaking the sponge in water. Do not also place a bouquet near a heat source, such as a radiator, in a draught, where they will be exposed to frequent changes of temperature, which can harm the flowers and next to the fruit, which emit compounds affecting the faster wilting of cut flowers.

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