Golden accessories to the living room. Idea for <strong>elegant and stylish</strong> interior

Golden accessories to the living room. Idea for elegant and stylish interior

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Living room is a place to relax and spend free time with loved ones. What golden accessories will add a pinch of elegance and luxury to this interior? Let us check what is worth buying for the living room!

Gold pots and vases – plants surrounded by luxury

The first suggestion for adding gold accents to the living room is to buy pots in this color. They will go well with green plants, emphasizing their natural beauty. Another advantage of these additions is their low price – the cheapest models can be bought for as little as 20-30 zlotys. Thanks to golden pots, we can easily make our living room look more tasteful and elegant.

If we like fresh, cut flowers, it’s worth ensuring that the representative room of the house contains golden vases, in which we can put floral compositions of tulips, roses or peonies, admiring their beauty. In shiny vases we can also arrange dried grasses or twigs.

Mirror in a golden frame – a must-have for every living room

Mirror set in a gold frame is a simple trick, thanks to which the living room will gain an exclusive look. Moreover, this type of addition will optically enlarge the room. Which mirror to choose? For several years a strong interior trend are round mirrors, but nothing prevents you from buying a square, rectangular or hexagonal model.

Golden lamp for the living room – double shine

Golden splendor can also be emphasized by choosing the right lighting. A large designer lamp in golden color is sure to attract the attention of every guest and make a spectacular impression. It is worth taking care that all points of light in the living room are coherent not only in terms of color but also style

Gold photo frames – a luxurious gallery of family photographs

A touch of luxury will be introduced to the interior by using gold photo frames. It is worth placing black and white photographs, which are elegant and evoke a note of nostalgia. Frames can be bought for as little as 10-15 PLN – a few pieces of various sizes are enough to create an interesting gallery over the sofa or dresser.

Gold pillowcases – jewelry for the sofa

The last proposal for introducing golden decors to the living room are pillows with decorative pillowcases. We can choose variants with gold thread, sequins or crystals. Cushions in a royal color will ideally brighten up a sofa with dark upholstery – they will look particularly impressive together with a sofa in a shade of bottle green or deep navy blue.

We hope that thanks to our ideas you will motivate yourself to make some changes in the living room, thanks to which it will delight with a new glamour and elegant decor. Remember not to blindly follow what is currently fashionable, but also to trust your taste. Our living room does not have to look like a catalog – the most important thing is that we feel good and comfortable in it.

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