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Pastel interiors are delicate, cozy and reminiscent of feminine styles. Kitchens decorated in these colors gain a unique atmosphere. See examples of pastel kitchen arrangements.

Pastel kitchen – colors

In rooms filled with pastel colors dominate pinks, blues, soft greens. These colors are good to place in the company of muted primary colors, such as white, beige, ecru, light wood or soft gray

Arranging a pastel kitchen

What elements of the kitchen can have pastel colors? – Any. Pastel shades can be found on the walls, tiles, kitchen furniture, table, chairs, accessories and tableware. Pastel colors have a way of blending in so well with one another.

With what style can pastel shades be combined?

Pastel colors add sweetness to a room. To avoid overdoing it, pair pastel shades with retro elements or a modern base to add a touch of rawness and create an interesting contrast.

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