Working from home. 5 ideas for arranging <strong>an office with a library</strong>

Working from home. 5 ideas for arranging an office with a library

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In the age of the coronavirus, more and more people are working from home. The lucky ones are those who can dedicate a separate room for this activity. If you also belong to these lucky ones, see how to decorate your office in an ingenious way

Do you spend a lot of time in front of a computer? Take care of ergonomic chair and desk and their proper positioning. Also how you sit has a big influence on your life and health. Correct posture can protect you from degenerative changes and many other ailments.

If you spend more than 3 hours in front of a screen, make sure your chair is adjustable. It should be at a height within the range that allows you to put your legs at a 90-degree angle and have the backrest as straight as possible. The distance between your eyes and the monitor should be the length of your outstretched arm, which is about 45-65 cm.

When choosing a desk, choose one that has enough space for your chair and legs, and is large enough to accommodate all the equipment you need. It is assumed that the optimal dimensions of the desk are about 120-160 cm long and 70-80 cm wide, while the best height is about 75 cm

We also remind you that the National Labour Inspectorate recommends that you take a 5 minute break after every hour worked at your desk. You can use this short time to exercise, such as a few arm circles, relaxing your wrists or your head. The office is also a room where you have to locate many things. These often include books and documents. The ideal solution to this problem will be a library. Check out some of our interesting suggestions below.

How to arrange a library in the study?

Glazed library

Classics defend themselves and fit into most interiors. They will find themselves in modern, Scandinavian, classic and rustic rooms. It is a minimalist solution and certainly functional. Thanks to the glass, there will be much less dust on your books, thus saving you time on cleaning

These bookcases will highlight all your precious books and other items. They are also very packable, no amount of paperwork will scare them. To have an element of surprise, you can arrange the books inside by color or any other arbitrary system

Bookcases up to the ceiling

If you live in a townhouse or just own an apartment with tall rooms, you have a lot more room for design. Don’t limit yourself just because you can’t reach the highest shelves. Mount them all the way to the ceiling. You will get a wow effect.

Remember that on the highest floors you can put the most rarely read books. Another patent is to put a ladder next to it or install a sliding one. In this case, attach the bookcase to the wall for safety. Using a ladder will create associations with another era, it will be an incredibly dignified sight

Metal bookcases

Furniture made entirely or partially from metal will give your interior a modern and industrial style, as if from a New York loft. It is also a light solution. Heavy and clumsy books will be broken with a graceful and delicate frame. To prevent your documents from toppling over, you can use book supports. They will then stand stable and immovable.

Asymmetrical bookcase

This will be a designer piece for your study. Who said that the place where you work or study must be boring and arranged. Such a proposal is both aesthetic and practical. It will perfectly fit in with different types of interiors, work well in lofts, or refresh the classic ones. This is a modular design, which can be easily combined with other furniture items, if necessary

>> See also: domowego biura w stylu klasycznym – co się przyda?”>Home office arrangement in classic style

Library in the shape of a tree

If the previous proposal seemed crazy to you, how about this one? Shelves attached so that their shape resembles a tree. This is very easy to do on your own. If you search well, you can also find similar pieces in online auctions. Surely, each of your guests will pay attention to such original equipment.

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