Black oak furniture – more precious than gold

Black oak furniture – more precious than gold

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Black oak is one of the few resources more valuable than gold and rarer than diamonds. Due to its deep, very dark color it is sometimes called Polish ebony. Find out what this unusual raw material is.

More valuable than gold

Gold and diamonds alone are not as valuable as black oak. In tsarist Russia, possession of it was punishable by death. Nowadays it is the most exclusive raw material in the world of furniture. Nature gave this tree such a color during several centuries of lying on the river bed. Its estimated age is 1000-1500 years. After being taken out of the water it rested and dried for 27 years. The next stage is already laborious and difficult processing, which allows you to see the full beauty of this bullion. In interior design, the most popular are cabinets and tables made of black oak, which are a combination of uniqueness and class.

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