<strong>Sliding closet</strong> for hallway

Sliding closet for hallway

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Sliding closets have become a permanent fixture in our homes. They are functional, roomy and durable. Moreover, you can freely choose the upholstery, place of installation, size and sliding doors. What should a closet for the anteroom be like?

Sliding closet, or saving space

In the anteroom, as a rule, there is little space, so it is important to use every scrap of space. These rooms have this feature, that there are various recesses and alcoves in them, which are difficult to develop. Therefore, with the help of a closet on dimension, which not only in terms of design but also size will fit into the room. Moreover, it will be a perfect place to store trinkets and outer garments. Especially in small apartments, it is worth to use every space.

Closet with a pavilion

Due to the fact that the custom closet can look exactly as we wish, we can install in it a pavilion. This is a place with separate doors, but located in the interior of the closet. In it you can keep Christmas decorations and clothes for the next season.

Sliding closet door

Sliding doors are a space-saver; models with classic doors were once chosen, but they took up space. Several variants can be used in a sliding closet, but the most popular are mirrors

Not always in the hall we have a free wall to hang a separate mirror, in which we could look at ourselves before leaving. This solution will therefore be perfect. You can also choose a door made of milk glass or completely built – wooden or plastic.

Sliding closets in small apartments

Small apartments are almost made for fitted closets with sliding doors. They can be mounted not only in the hall, but also in the bedroom. The interior of the closet should be matched to the room. However those which will have their place in the anteroom should contain: a place for shoes, preferably in the lower part, a rod for coats and jackets, a shelf for hats, caps and scarves

If there is enough space, it is worth separating a separate space for an ironing board and a vacuum cleaner. Such a closet will be functional and practical, especially in a small apartment.

Matching the decor

The sliding closet, the one on dimension and available in furniture stores, should be matched to the room. You should choose the right color, type of material from which it will be made, and doors – with or without a mirror. It may also completely blend into the background and be in the color of the walls. There are closets, which placed in an alcove do not stand out at all, they are smooth and have the same color as the environment in which they are located.

A custom-made closet can be ordered from a carpenter, who will come and collect all dimensions, advise us on color and material, and finally install everything efficiently. Closets with sliding doors to an investment for years, which is basically failure-free.

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Main photo: Max Vakhtbovych/pexels.com

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