How to prepare <strong>the table</strong> <em>elegantly</em>?

How to prepare the table elegantly?

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How we set the table shows our approach to our guests and is a sign of our manners. That is why it is worth knowing the rules that will help us prepare the table so that every detail is taken care of. How to do it? We suggest!

Every element of the table setting has to fit the occasion, from the tablecloth to the decorations. Do not put dishes and cutlery on the table that will not be used.

Start with the tablecloth

The tablecloth you choose doesn’t have to be white. You can bet on a non-standard color – plum, pastel or navy blue. These also look good on the table. However, if you are preparing a table setting for an important, official ceremony, opt for a snow-white tablecloth. Pay attention that the tablecloth is evenly arranged and hangs the same on all sides (preferably about 20 cm).

Appropriate tableware

Proper table setting assumes that every guest will have enough space for a plate and for putting their hands next to it. Remember that all elements of the tableware must be coherent. Tableware for 12 people would be a good option. Elegant table setting requires that everything comes from the same collection.

The order in which the plates are placed depends on the order of eating and the size of the plates. Place a large flat plate on the table, on it – a smaller one for appetizer, and finally a deep plate for soup. If there is enough space, also prepare a place setting for coffee and cake. Place the cup at the top, to the right of the dinnerware. There should also be glasses on the table. On the right, above the cup, there should be a glass for water, and next to it, others, depending on the next drinks. The second in order should be a glass for champagne, the next one for white wine, and the last one for red wine. However, if you do not plan to serve so many alcohols, resign from placing unnecessary dishes on the table.

Well-placed cutlery

Arrange the cutlery according to the order of use, starting from the outside. The spoon and knives should be on the right side of the plate and the forks on the left. Make sure that the blades face the plate. Place the dessert cutlery, i.e. the fork and above it the spoon, directly above the plate.

Bet on decorations

Your guests will appreciate the additional decoration of the table. You can complete the table setting with a vase of flowers. However, remember that it should be low, so that it does not cover the faces of people sitting opposite. A bouquet of flowers should not be too big either. You can also decide to place smaller vases with small bouquets. Place the vases in the center, never between the plates. If you place candles on the table, make sure that they do not burn.

Placemats on the table

A good solution, which is first of all practical, but can also be a great decoration, are placemats. Not only do they protect the tablecloth from staining, but also beautify your table setting. Choose the color of the placemats to contrast with the tablecloth.

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Don’t forget the napkins

No matter for which occasion you prepare the table setting, there should always be napkins on the table. If it is an informal occasion, you can fill the napkin holder with paper napkins. However, if the celebration is important, it is better to reach for cotton napkins, white or in a similar color to the tablecloth.

If you follow all the above rules, you will surely impress your guests with the elegance of your table setting. Remember, however, that the most important thing is a friendly atmosphere and good mood, yours and your family’s.

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