<strong>Living room furniture.</strong> What is worth paying attention to before buying?

Living room furniture. What is worth paying attention to before buying?

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One of the most important places of every house is the living room, where we spend our free time with the whole family. And since no living room can not do without a large rest, today we will try to create a small guide to its purchase.

Purpose of the rest

Before you start browsing through the offers of furniture stores, you should think about the purpose of your new purchase. The key is how many people will use it on a daily basis. Equally important are the circumstances of use, so you need to answer the questions of whether it is needed only to relax with a book, family meetings, or rather will be the center of special events right next to the kitchen. Apart from the obvious number of seats, it is also worth considering its functionality, in which case the choice comes down to two options – a sofa with or without a sleeping function.


The next step when choosing a lounge should be its spatial arrangement. The length, height, width and weight of individual elements must not interfere with the previously arranged interior. After all, we do not want to leave ourselves only a narrow passage to pass between one part of the room and another, or that the fronts of the furniture obscure the light. It is worth taking these factors into account also in terms of transport and bringing home


When we have already specified the purpose and dimensions, it is worth considering the target style of the room. If the interiors are designed in a vintage style, it is worth betting on the classic design; in turn, when we plan to commune in rooms styled industrially, eclectic or glamorous, quilted furniture will be perfect; while in the Scandinavian style – simple, functional blocks with the addition of wood.

Colors and shape

The color scheme of the rest is also of remarkable importance, because it should be appropriately adapted to the size of the living room. In the case of small spaces, characteristic of large cities, the best choice will be bright colors in shades of white, beige or blue. If, on the other hand, we are the owners of a spacious detached house, where huge spaces reign and plenty of light comes in, the field of possibilities expands significantly. Then we can afford not only definitely darker colors (black, browns or greens), but also much more squat forms. The basic rule in this case is one: regardless of the size of the living room, the colors of the rest should not interfere with the harmony of the entire room.


Another important element is the right choice of the material that will be used to upholster the purchased rest. A well-considered decision will save you nerves when children destroy expensive leather, stain velvet or make a hole in velvet. Therefore, you need to ask yourself which option will be most suitable for the conditions of your home and will allow you to enjoy good looks for longer. It is also worth paying attention to whether the new furniture has an upholstered back, because when it is in the middle of the living room, it can arouse consternation among guests.


You can’t forget about the care, either, as this can be very expensive. Prices of cleaning products can reach even several hundred zlotys, so it’s worth thinking about the pros and cons of the material you finally choose.

Main photo: Max Vakhtbovych/pexels.com

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