<strong>Wine rack or wine cellar</strong>? How to store <em>wine</em>?

Wine rack or wine cellar? How to store wine?

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Wine is gaining more and more followers every year. There are different types of this drink and price shelves. They have one thing in common – the way of storage. How to do it correctly?

Compared to the Mediterranean region, which has a long tradition of wine, Poland is just beginning its adventure with this alcoholic beverage. Consumers usually reach for wines in the price range of 20-30 zlotys. It has been established that the more expensive ones are intended for special occasions

However, consumer awareness is growing and besides the cost, taste and quality count. What to do to maintain the quality of the purchased beverage? Store them well. All you need to do is follow some of the most important tips.

In what conditions to store wine at home?


Red wine likes a temperature between 15 and 18 degrees, white wine prefers a temperature between 10 and 15 degrees. More demanding is rosé wine, which needs about 9 degrees in the aging area. The last group are the sparkling wines, for which the best conditions are between 6 and 9 degrees. The worst for this liquor are the frequent changes in temperature, which can spoil any wine.


Strong light and sunlight heat up the glass. This results in a faster maturation process and consequently a loss of quality. The best places will be well shaded or completely dark.

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Air humidity

The most advisable humidity is around 75 percent. Too dry can cause the cork to dry out and the bottle to unseal, and excessively humid can cause mold to form. The place where you store alcoholic beverages should also be aired frequently. Nothing is worse for wine than an unpleasant cellar smell


The phrase “aging” did not come from nowhere. The wine should stay in a horizontal position. This is important because the cork should be in contact with the liquid all the time. Otherwise, it can dry out, unseal the bottle and cause damage to the wine. If you have more space and funds, then invest in a wine cooler, otherwise known as a wine cooler. They give you the ability to regulate temperatures, so flavors don’t mix and bottles aren’t subject to shocks.

What to do with open wine?

First of all: close the bottle tightly. If the cap was used in the production, the matter is simple, and if the cork, pay attention not to throw it away after opening, you will be able to reuse it. Secondly, the opposite of closed wine, stand it upright. Always put the sealed bottle in the refrigerator and do not keep it for more than 7 days. It is also a good idea to buy a vacuum pump with a rubber stopper. When resealing, it will remove all the air and keep unwanted oxygen from getting inside.

The most common mistakes when storing wine

After reading all the tips, you may conclude that you don’t have a place for wine in your apartment. Nothing could be further from the truth, you just need to change your mindset. Most often you probably see wines standing in the kitchen on a special decorative rack, which combines functionality and aesthetics.

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A rack is obviously a good idea, especially one that keeps the bottles in a horizontal position. Waiting for the ale? It’s coming right up. But you shouldn’t keep such a structure in your kitchen. This is a room where humidity and temperature change even several times a day. The smells created when cooking do not help either

The rack should also not be placed near radiators or windows. Here the situation is similar, too much temperature fluctuation will not have a positive effect on alcohol. Wondering where best to locate your small wine collection? In the darkest place. It can be a bedroom or a closet.

Also, remember that wines have an expiration date. Only a few percent of the wines produced in the world are storable for years. Most of them you should drink within two years of purchase. Because of the long aging time after opening, you may find wine vinegar inside instead of good wine. Therefore, before completing your collection, think about how often you reach for wine and plan how much of the assortment you can buy to enjoy good taste.

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