<strong>Beautiful terrace</strong> in 5 steps

Beautiful terrace in 5 steps

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Spring is the best time to think about a beautiful patio. The days are getting longer and warmer. We spend more and more time outside. Green space needs attention and proper care. How can you make a beautiful terrace in just a few steps?

Beautiful patio in 5 steps

1. Clarify the needs of your family

Before buying equipment and decorative elements for the terrace, talk to your family about their needs for relaxing in the garden. What is the purpose of the terrace? Will it be a place to relax or a place to meet and party? What should the relaxation area look like? Should it only contain a table and chairs or a hammock for example? Regardless of the answers to these questions, choose the material to be laid on the terrace

The best solution is to lay tiles, which should be slip-resistant and frostproof. Their color should match the house facade. Woodgrain or concrete imitation tiles are the best solution if there is a wall on one side of the terrace.

2. Stairs an important part of any terrace

The stairs connect the terrace with the garden, so they should not only be functional, but also aesthetically pleasing, matching the other elements of the garden architecture. The stairs should be made of material resistant to changing weather conditions.

3. The choice of garden furniture

In the stores there is available a very large selection of garden furniture. If the terrace is large, it is possible to buy sets of furniture, thanks to which it will be possible to receive guests e.g. for a garden party. A large terrace offers many design possibilities. A hammock or a suspended armchair can be placed next to a table and chairs. If the terrace is of medium size, it is worth to decide on light garden furniture, which will not take up much space. An ecological solution is to make furniture yourself from Euro pallets. Such furniture can later be painted in any color

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4. Fencing off space

To feel comfortable on your own terrace, it is worth to separate yourself from the prying eyes of neighbors. You can shield the terrace for example with large plants (a pergola with a pot placed on the border of terrace and balcony). Climbing plants planted in pots can provide a natural protection. A great solution is to install a large umbrella, which will protect not only from the sun’s rays, but also from prying eyes.

5. Plenty of greenery

A beautiful terrace should not lack flowers and shrubs. You can grow annuals and multi-year flowers in pots. You can also put pots with trendy plants on the terrace such as lavender, velvet or lobelia

Read also: “Terrace with pots – which plants will work well in such an arrangement?”

A beautiful terrace invites you to relax in the garden and is also the perfect place to spend time with nature

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