The most popular contemporary painters – how to invest in art?

The most popular contemporary painters – how to invest in art?

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Do you want to invest your capital? We have a suggestion – invest in art. How do you go about it and what exactly does it consist of? Which artists are popular now? Find out more about this topic! 

Investing in art – does it make sense?

In times when the value of money is uncertain, we are looking for different investment ideas. Although we could admit that actually such ideas have always been, are and will always be welcome. What to invest capital in if not real estate? A good idea is to invest money in art. Although you don’t hear much about it, it is becoming increasingly popular in Poland. Investors are patiently watching the market. We may still be far from the West in this regard, but the situation is dynamic. Does it make sense to invest in art? As much as it does.

Who invests in art?

Experts emphasize that investing in art is not only for people who have brought such traditions from their family homes. Also people completely unconnected to the subject are beginning to see the potential in works of art. Paintings are the most popular choice. 

So when considering an investment in art, it would be wise to figure out which painters are currently most popular. Among the best-known Polish painters are names such as Piotr Uklański, Wilhelm Sasnal and Rafał Bujnowski. Zbigniew Rogalski is also listed among the most popular representatives of new Polish art. In turn, Paulina Olowska is one of the most highly regarded Polish artists abroad. 

These are top names, and so their works are the most expensive. However, it is worth remembering that a whole host of lesser-known artists are creating in Poland, whose paintings will be definitely more affordable.

How to determine the value of a painting?

All right, but how will we know that a particular painting is a work worth paying a lot for? The value of a painting is determined by the prices of previous works by a particular artist and also by its uniqueness. Ultimately, however, it depends on how much buyers are willing to pay. 

Where to start?

A layman won’t necessarily manage in the art market. If we are talking about a person without any knowledge of the subject, he will have to do some educating at the beginning. Following publications on the Polish art market, as well as the auction market, is already a start. The help of an independent expert may also prove to be a lifesaver. 

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