<strong>Whirlpool bathtub</strong>. What is worth <em>knowing</em> before buying?

Whirlpool bathtub. What is worth knowing before buying?

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A spacious whirlpool bathtub is dedicated to lovers of long, relaxing baths at home. What should you pay special attention to when buying a bathtub with a massage system? Let’s find out!

Price of a whirlpool bathtub

Can everyone afford to buy a bathtub with hydro-massage? The price range of bathtubs with a massage system is very large. It all depends on the manufacturer, the size of the model, the technology and features it is equipped with. The price of a whirlpool bathtub is also determined by the manufacturing material (acrylic, steel, cast iron).

For example, a one-person whirlpool bath is an expense of 2000-3000 PLN. However, a three-person bathtub equipped with the latest technological solutions that guarantee an extremely pleasant bathing experience can cost as much as 15 000-20 000 zlotys.

It is worth mentioning that if we decide on a low-priced bathtub, we have to take into account the fact that it will not serve us without problems for years. Some of the low-budget models have problems with clogged nozzles and pump after a short period of operation. Unfortunately, the cheaper the hot tub, the greater the risk of failure.

Types of massage and jets

A whirlpool bath can be equipped with movable or immovable jets – the former can change direction and rotate, and the latter are dedicated to leg and foot massage (they are located in the upper parts of the fittings). What types of massage systems can we meet in this type of bathtubs? Currently, manufacturers offer us two solutions:

  • water massage – is the most popular among consumers, it is more intense than air massage. Water in the bathtub circulates in a closed circuit, and moving jets mounted at the height of the back, feet and sides of the user release a stream of water under high pressure,
  • air massage – provides the so-called bubble bath. In the case of models with this system, air is distributed through pipes to stationary jets located at the bottom of the bathtub.

On the market there are also bathtubs that are a hybrid of both systems, equipped with both air and water jets (air particles enrich the water stream)

Type of whirlpool bath control

Individual bathtub models may differ in the method of control. We can choose from manual control, also called pneumatic/mechanical, used in cheaper bathtubs. The downside of this solution is the risk of running the pump dry, which can lead to damage. On the other hand, the more convenient and safer electronic control, thanks to the fluid level sensor, prevents the hydromassage from being activated when the water level is below the side jets. Electronic control allows you to adjust the whirlpool to your individual needs and is a standard feature in more expensive models.

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Dimensions and shape of a whirlpool bathtub

Both the dimensions and the shape of the whirlpool bathtub should be adapted to the size and shape of the bathroom, so that all members of the household can comfortably use this room. In smaller bathrooms, it is usually possible to install only a model designed for one user, usually with a length of 130 cm

According to experts, the minimum size of the bathroom, in which a whirlpool bath can be mounted, is 6-7 m². In the interior of such a size it is possible to optimize the drainage of moisture, which prevents the development of mold and mildew. As for the shape, manufacturers offer us oval, round, rectangular, corner bathtubs – it is worth choosing such a variant which will match the form of other elements of the fittings, such as washbasin, shower tray. Due to the vibrations generated by the bathtub, it cannot be rigidly connected with the floor or wall. It is usually mounted on an aluminum frame or legs.

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We hope that thanks to our tips you will know how to choose a whirlpool bathtub, which will provide maximum relaxation and relaxation after a long, tiring day.

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