<strong>Industrial stairs</strong>. To which interiors do they fit?

Industrial stairs. To which interiors do they fit?

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Industrial stairs are most often associated with austere post-industrial interiors. But are they really suitable only for such interiors? Check what kind of arrangement you can combine them with.

Minimalism, modernity, elegance – above all these features are valued by industrial stairs. They perfectly match the look of apartments with simple and austere style. Industrialism is associated with high, spacious spaces, simple forms and lack of exaggeration in the selection of decorations (for example in terms of their patterns and colors).

The lack of partition walls means that such stairs remain exposed, while not attracting the eye. Their metal construction is practical and gives lightness to the room. Their versatility allows you to match them with interiors of different styles.

Industrial interior

We can find them both in truly post-industrial buildings, as well as those that are only stylized on them. In arranging industrial rooms, reference is made to their previous purpose – factory, warehouse, industrial. This is served by references to various machines and equipment in the form of posters, sketches, light sources stylized as heavy reflectors or raw light bulbs.

An obligatory element is the use of bricks and concrete as basic – exposed – materials. It is dominated by various shades of gray, black, white. Other colors are used rarely, and if already, then rather in dark tones. To maintain the impression of large space, partitions are rarely used here, and if they are, then from glass.

Such interiors look raw and cool. Here industrial stairs have a metal structure in gray or black, the steps are made of concrete, and the balustrade has no decorations.

Loft interior

A loft-style apartment looks much warmer than one in an industrial style. Bricks and concrete still dominate on walls, but are broken with soft carpets and pillows. Wall colors remain bright, but there are pastels among them – yellow, pink, blue and green.

Posters with mechanical themes give way to geometric graphics and simple drawings closer to nature. In such apartments, the industrial character of the building is not referred to, the loft arrangement is aimed at creating a cozy, domestic interior, with plants and impressive decorations. Industrial stairs in the loft interior are usually made of metal and wood with a light color and warm intonation.

Scandinavian interior

It combines minimalism with coziness, simplicity of materials with their impressive texture, white with pastel colors. Among colors here white dominates, as well as beiges, blues, browns in a honey shade. Rooms must be bright and spacious, instead of concrete and raw bricks you will find wood, bamboo or wicker

Decorations are also dominated by natural materials, textiles are cotton, jute, linen. In Scandinavian apartments, vintage-style accessories are common, such as traditional plaids or chests of drawers from earlier times.

The style allows you to maintain a balance between a simple and cozy room. Industrial stairs, thanks to their visually light construction, will perfectly fit into the simplicity of the decor, and with wooden steps and railings will maintain an idyllic arrangement.

Main photo: Lindsay Henwood/unsplash.com

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