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<strong>Marcel Wanders.</strong> Unique style and design
Marcel Wanders. Unique style and design

Do you know who Marcel Wanders is? Everyone who is interested in art and interior design knows this name well. Get to know this inspiring artist!

<strong>Coco Chanel</strong> style in interiors
Coco Chanel style in interiors

Do you appreciate Coco Chanel’s timeless style? See how to bring sophisticated elegance, subtle elements of luxury and good taste into your interior.

<strong>Frida Kahlo.</strong> The painter who became a pop culture icon
Frida Kahlo. The painter who became a pop culture icon

Colorful and expressive, full of pain, passion and rebellious strength – Frida Kahlo is one of the most interesting art figures of the 20th century. See how she became a pop culture icon.

<strong>Bocca red lips</strong> – a sofa that has become <em>a surreal design icon</em>
Bocca red lips – a sofa that has become a surreal design icon

We’re sure you’re familiar with the iconic sofa shaped like full red lips, but do you know who the originator is? Find out more about the Bocca sofa!

<strong>Banksy Art:</strong> The <em>artist</em>‘s most popular paintings
Banksy Art: The artist‘s most popular paintings

For some, Banksy is a street hooligan, for others, an innovative artist playing with form. Discover his most famous works!

<strong>Karim Rashid</strong>‘s distinctive style
Karim Rashid‘s distinctive style

The design world has come to love Karim Rashid for his vibrant, juicy colors, plastic and sensual shapes. Explore the main ideas of the world-renowned designer’s work.

Animal inspired<strong>lamps</strong>
Animal inspiredlamps

Do you like animals but don’t have time for a dog? Nothing lost you can even have a dinosaur, just choose a unique lamp for your interior!

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