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<strong>Spaghetti aglio e olio</strong> – on truffle oil – recipe
Spaghetti aglio e olio – on truffle oil – recipe

Do you have unexpected guests and want to prepare something quick but unusual to eat? Or maybe you need a recipe for a quick dinner? Try spaghetti aglio e olio!

<strong>Caviar</strong> – a synonym of culinary luxury. How to eat it, what to serve it with?
Caviar – a synonym of culinary luxury. How to eat it, what to serve it with?

Caviar is undoubtedly a luxury product, which is reserved for special occasions. Check what to serve it with to pleasantly surprise your guests.

<em>It tastes</em> better outdoors! A <strong>garden party</strong> in 6 steps
It tastes better outdoors! A garden party in 6 steps

A garden party is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your family and friends. See how to create a magical atmosphere in the garden in a few steps.

Mussels in white wine – recipe
Mussels in white wine – recipe

Seafood is becoming more and more popular on Polish tables. Find out how to prepare an exquisite dish with mussels in the main role. Try our recipe for mussels in white wine.

How to prepare <strong>the table</strong> <em>elegantly</em>?
How to prepare the table elegantly?

Want to impress your guests and set the table in the best way possible? Check out our ways to set an elegant table!

<strong>Expiration date of wine</strong>. Find out how to read it!
Expiration date of wine. Find out how to read it!

Do you love the taste of wine and cannot imagine important moments in life or meetings with family and friends without it? Do you have a few or more years old wine in your cellar, but don’t know if it is still suitable for consumption? We suggest!

How to make <strong>caramel</strong>? The Homemade Way
How to make caramel? The Homemade Way

Are you preparing a spectacular cake or dessert and looking for a decoration? Or maybe you feel like making sweet caramel at home? We have a proven recipe for it, check it out with us.

<strong>Pad Thai</strong> with shrimp. Recipe for <em>a romantic dinner</em>
Pad Thai with shrimp. Recipe for a romantic dinner

Looking for a tried-and-true recipe to make dinner for two extra special? Check out our recipe and run to the store for the products!

Truths and myths about <strong>Scotch whisky</strong>
Truths and myths about Scotch whisky

Do you like drinking whisky? See if you too are replicating the established truths and myths about it!

<strong>10 facts</strong> for <em>Prosecco</em>lovers
10 facts for Proseccolovers

Are you a fan of Italian Prosecco and looking for interesting facts about this delicate drink? Learn unusual facts about this sparkling wine now and enjoy its unique taste!

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