Which <strong>carpets</strong> fit into <em>de luxe interiors</em>?

Which carpets fit into de luxe interiors?

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Carpets are a decoration that will enliven your interior. Exclusive carpets not only look aesthetically pleasing, but also serve for many years. Properly selected carpets give the rooms a character.

Practical aspect of choosing a carpet

Textiles are an important element in every apartment. They allow you to create a space refined to the smallest detail. Choosing a carpet is extremely important. It may be the main element of our room. We use it every day, so it has to be practical. When choosing our carpet, we should pay special attention to its workmanship. Hand-knotted carpets are extremely durable. Thanks to a lot of work, the products are refined and elegant. The material from which the carpet is made is also important. When looking for the right product for you, pay attention to natural raw materials, such as wool. This material protects against the cold. It is also pleasant to the touch. The colors of wool carpets have no tendency to fade

If you are allergic, you can choose from a range of carpets created from synthetic fibres. Modern carpets are also resistant to dirt. In case of an accident, we can very easily remove the contamination with water. So look for products that can be cleaned easily. Especially if there are pets or small children in our home. Using carpets should be first of all comfortable. A silicone padding also influences the comfort of use. Thanks to it, our carpet will not slip on the floor

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Size and shape of the carpet

Another important aspect, right after choosing the material of the rug, is its size. It all depends on our preferences. However, large carpets are usually chosen for larger rooms. A large rug can overwhelm a small room. Websites of manufacturers provide us with the length and width of particular models. This allows us to choose a product without leaving our home. The shape of our carpet is also important. Rectangular models are a frequent option. They are the most universal. The round version will also be interesting. It will work well when we have rounded elements in the room. In combination with a round coffee table we will obtain a coherent arrangement. You should also pay attention to its thickness. The length of the bristle is also our personal choice. Remember, however, that a carpet that is too dense will be harder to clean

The rug – a small work of art

A carpet is an indispensable element of home decoration. We need to match it to the climate of our interior. We can find something for every type of room. A wide selection of products on the market allows us to do that. If we want to optically enlarge our room, we should bet on bright colors. Then decide on a large carpet, which will cover most of the floor. Delicate beiges and grays are popular shades. Colors of nature will always be a universal option. Remember that modern carpets do not have to be boring. Simple colors are well broken by small patterns. Original models are suitable for de luxe interiors. We may be interested in carpets in the Art Deco style. These models are full of elegance, geometry and contrasts. Oriental style carpets will also work well. They give the interior a vintage feel

A popular trend is also the reference to nature. Carpets that resemble marble are very original. They refer in their appearance to precious stones. Ombre style carpets are also a popular option in modern apartments Exclusive carpets they often resemble works of art. Dark colors will work for bold people. Carpet in such a shade will be a strong accent of the room. It may add class to the interior, and a touch of mystery. If we are not afraid to experiment, let us choose contrasting colors. Try a combination of white with black or black with red. Such a combination will attract the eyes of our guests. The same will happen in case of choosing geometric patterns. Manufacturers offer products specially prepared by designers. On websites such as Almi Decor you will find, among others, designs by Maciej Zień. We can support Polish artists, buying their original products

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